How BioLine® Works

The bacteria in BioLine® products produce enzymes that assist in the degradation of organic waste. The bacteria utilize enzyme systems to liquefy and break down the solid fats, oil and grease so they can be properly absorbed. Once absorbed, the fats, oil and grease are naturally converted to CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). This organic process creates a bio-film that you may have seen on rocks that you see around lakes and streams. When you see this film, it means the natural bacteria are properly disposing of the waste.

The bacteria work as long as there is a food source. If the drain lines are clear, it will gain its food from the fats, oil and grease that are carried through the system.

BioLine® uses the latest technology to ensure top quality for our customers.

The BioLine® Unique Program
  • BioLine® uses friendly, natural-occurring bacteria to provide enhanced digestive performance for your systems. Once applied, it multiplies rapidly, producing a bio-film of friendly, grease digesting, bacteria colonies. These colonies clean and maintain drain lines and improve the efficiency of grease traps.
  • The BioLine® program may incorporate an automatic feeding system equipped with a timer for ease and consistency of application. Another option is using a concentrated Grease Trap Block designed to dissolve slowly and ensure consistent application. A manual application is also available for residential and commercial customers.
  • BioLine® treatment is designed to be applied after the drain lines have been cleared by a professional drain cleaner or after the grease trap has been properly pumped. This program is designed to enhance the services offered by the drain cleaning professional.

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Helps Prevent Clogs